Wednesday, July 20, 2005


If I could live another life (lives), what would I do?

1. Have my own little store in a cottage, that sold kitchen wares and exceptional greeting cards.
2. Open a cage-free kennel.
3. Be a green-design architect and/or interior designer.
4. Travel the world, surfing.
5. Be a pastry chef.
6. Be a famous novelist.
7. Be a famous textile artist.
8. I would dabble in theatre and drama, starting as a child.
9. I would dance on Broadway.
10. I would have chosen other men and would be married with children.
11. I would have a rescue center for cats. Maybe lots of types of animals.

Hi Barb,

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i can't imagine why you are not married. you are wonderful.
Oh my gosh, what a nice comment! With just 'anonymous' here, I can't email or check your blog (if you have one) to thank you, so I hope you check back.
Your comment in saltygal's blog (you were encouraging her to enter a competion and not let the lack of camera deter her) captivated my interest. I thought, here is a woman who uses creative solutions. And reading about you, I think you are a very interesting person. I cannot imagine either why you're not married, perhaps the men are just intimidated by your greatness? (puzzled)
Hey, I love the idea on your top three list. I would love that too. But till my next life : ) it is impossible here.
i found myself drifting in to your world for best part of a are lovely.
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